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School Help For Children With Adhd And Learning Difficulties

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ADHD is not a learning disability, but it can cause difficulties that might affect learning and school performance. Roughly 50 percent of children and adolescents with ADHD have comorbid learning disabilities. Even without an identified learning disability, children with ADHD encounter several challenges in school due to inattentiveness and hyperactivity.

Some of the difficulties students with ADHD encounter in school include inattention, poor concentration, and impulsivity. Students with ADHD may also have language deficits, poor organizational skills, and poor memory. These difficulties present numerous challenges not only to the child but his or her parents and teachers as well. Again, the solution lies in early assessment and intervention. Failure to diagnose the condition early on may result in gaps in basic skills, especially in math and language arts. Early assessment allows both parents and teachers to understand the needs of the child better.

Through the Individualized with Disabilities Education Act or IDEA, schools are required to offer special education services to eligible students with disabilities. Once a child has been formally diagnosed with a disability, the school works with the child’s parents in developing an Individualized Education Program (IEP). An IEP is a legal document stating the educational goals, services, and support that the school that will provide for the child. Along with the IEP, the school can also provide appropriate classroom accommodations for students with ADHD.

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Teachers can only devise the IEP after a thorough evaluation of the child’s condition thus the critical need for early diagnosis and assessment. If you notice symptoms of ADHD in your child, it is best to seek the help of qualified professionals immediately.

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